Cruising California

Sailing under the Golden Gate bridge, we turned left and headed south looking for warmer waters. Over the course of the next six months, the California coast became our playground.

Half Moon Bay Whisper’s hidden among the fishing boats at Half Moon Bay harbor after our first passage heading down the coast of California.[/caption]Too many layers and clothes. Keep pointing Whisper’s bow south.

Santa Barbara, our home for 1998 and 1999, called us back. Visiting friends and favorite restaurants kept us there for an entire month.
In preparation for sharing our cruising adventures, we set up the now deprecated blog Um, what are those things on the left? Ah yes, a Handspring and a 10 or 20 GB backup drive.T23Setup

California’s only real cruising area is the Channel Islands.  Stopping at Santa Cruz island provided our first opportunity to swim, fish and anchor with bow and stern anchors.

Image 13


Okay, this is the right direction.

Dana Point Harbor
Picturesque Dana Point harbor.


Two months in San Diego will allow us to get ready for heading to Mexico. Good times.

Whisper’s gennaker flying

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