Escaping Heat & Hurricanes

Summer in Mexico on a boat brings two things. Heat and hurricanes. Summer in the USA brings road trips and national parks. Rather than dodge hurricanes and sit in air conditioning drinking cerveza, we hopped the bus from San Carlos Mexico to Tucson Arizona to start two summer road trips in the USA.

For three months, we hit the road to head north to visit family, friends and beautiful spots in the USA. A bus ride from San Carlos, Mexico brought us to a rental car in Tucson, Arizona.

Eight thousand miles later, the next brilliant plan kicked into gear – rent an RV, visit Whisper in Mexico and visit parks in the US. The only hiccups included us and the RV getting scrutiny on return to the US on 9/11/2003 (the two year anniversary of 9/11) and hurricane Marty hitting the marina in San Carlos (no damage to Whisper).

As the RV clocked two thousand miles in Phoenix, we hopped back on the bus and headed home to Whisper.

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