Food, Festivals & For Sale

Well, it’s passage time again. We’ll leave New Caledonia in the next week or so and move on to Australia. We could easily have spent a few months here on Whisper, but since we are selling the boat and wrapping up our cruising anyway, we are anxious to move on to Bundaberg, Australia and start the next phase.

We decided to focus our exploration here on the capital city of Noumea while getting Whisper listed and ready for sale. After a few days of washing, polishing, and waxing, Whisper is looking new again. Whisper is listed with our broker and now on several websites. We’ve had a couple inquiries here in New Caledonia, but so far, nothing so serious that we would leave the boat here for a local buyer.


Noumea has been fun; with great walking, shopping, restaurants, cafes, a movie theater, a movie festival, and a music festival. In addition, we went to three museums, the nice new aquarium, the architecturally stunning cultural center, and explored most of the city on foot or by taxi/bus. There are a few excellent beaches with great areas to windsurf/kitesurf. Duncan got a few decent photos some expert wind-sport enthusiasts that we’ll soon share in a new log.

For now, we are focused on getting ready for the passage. We received our new Volvo muffler from Hallberg-Rassy and I installed it last week (the old one had a few spots of pinhole corrosion through the stainless end caps). We are still waiting for our forwarded mail and a couple of new shower pumps to arrive this week. Today, I’ll change the oil and fuel filters on the engine and genset. Robin has already started looking at weather. The next few days will be spent getting the boat (and us) ready for the passage. Then it’s on to OZ.

It should be about a 6-day, 5-night passage to Bundaberg. We are signed up for the Port-2-Port Rally to Bundaberg, but may arrive in Bundaberg a bit before everyone else. We will hang around Bundaberg for the rally festivities, then move on down the coast toward Brisbane. When we arrive in Scarborough Marina near Brisbane, Whisper will get another spa treatment to keep her looking great prior to the sale. If all goes according to plan, we will be in Scarborough Marina around mid-November. Well, that’s enough for today; I’m off to get my hands dirty.

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