Big Sur

With replacement of the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge on California State Road 1 (CA SR1, CA1 or the Pacific Coast Highway) complete, a previously closed section of the Big Sur Coast recently reopened. The gigantic Mud Creek slide continues to keep CA1 south of Gorda closed, but Limekiln State Park and Kirk Creek State Park are again accessible.

Big Sur coast

Getting a campsite at Limekiln or Kirk Creek on a weekend is a tricky task . Trying to get a campsite on the weekend before Thanksgiving is next to impossible.  We managed to get a site for Sunday through Tuesday. Perhaps we can take a free camping site on the side of CA1 for the weekend.

Last  minute campsite openings at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park – one of our favorite parks in California – put us in the neighborhood.  The craziness of the past few days and the days to come allowed for a very quick steak & champagne dinner celebration of my birthday. 

Grilling yummy steaks for Duncan’s birthday

Several entire days were spent reorganizing the van, purging things, repacking things, giving stuff away to other campers, or setting aside things to ship home — basically getting #vanlife sorted out.

A error flashing on the solar controller was the only van issue encountered in the first off grid shakedown. There was no urgency to diagnose or fix with most days in the shade of trees.

Post reorg of “the garage”

En route to Limekiln with an ounce of cell coverage, we stopped to get the condo rental lease agreement signed.

Limekiln State Park did not disappoint with great sunsets, whales frolicking, sea birds squawking, and friendly neighbors – including fellow Sportsmobile owners.

Limekiln State Park beach campsite loop

Regardless of fears induced by warning signs, we managed to squeeze in a quick hike to the park’s namesake lime kilns.

Rattlesnakes, mountain lions, ticks, Oh my!
Two of the four 1887 lime kilns used to produce lime for concrete.

Thanksgiving plans kept us on a schedule to get over to the Alabama Hills to meet up with friends. With the slide keeping CA1 closed, the only way over the mountains led us along the winding Nacimiento-Fergusson road

Up and over the mountain toward Paso Robles

With winding roads and elevation come great vistas to the ocean. We love the Big Sur area. Next up – let’s see what the Eastern Sierra has to offer

A precarious, slow but fun drive over Naciamento-Fergusson Road.

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