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Hello again! After wrapping up another round of work and continuing to shelter in place in San Francisco, weI decided to make a carefully pandemic-ally planned trip to Saint George, Utah. Provisioned with groceries, masks, workout gear, helmets and goggles, the ten hour drive to Utah entailed with two pit stops and minimal traffic. Not bad.

Home base for two weeks is Ivins – a few miles outside of Saint George. Saint George is in the southwest corner of Utah near the Arizona border at the convergence of the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau and Great Basin.

The area’s earliest residents were the Virgin River Anasazi and Pauite tribes inhabiting the area as early as 200 B.C..

The Mormon church established a mission and temple in the ares around 1854 and named the town Saint George in honor of the apostle George Smith.

Helmets & goggles? While potentially handy during a pandemic, inclusion on the packing list originated from their use for side-by-side offroad riding. Friends, Chris & Chris, joined us in a three bedroom home rental after towing their RZR from Oregon to Utah.

As you can see from the trail maps, Sand Hollow and Warner Valley offer plentiful opportunities for exploring rocks, sand dunes, washes and beautiful valleys. Ready to ride? Let’s go!

Zion National Park is a 45 minute drive from Saint George. In the spirit of social distancing, we did a driving tour of the park which did not disappoint.

Utah is home to five spectacular national parks and seven national monuments. We did a beautiful drive to nearby Cedar Breaks national monument and Brian’s Head resort.

What about State Parks in Utah? Yep, they are amazing as well. Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Snow Canyon are two such examples.

The Saint George area offers a wonderful climate and abundant opportunities for fun. We will be return to hopefully experience again in a post-pandemic environment. Our visit during the pandemic gave us the breath of fresh air we wanted in an environment where we could stay safe and distanced from others.

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  1. Robin & Duncan, Wow! Seems like you’re having a blast! I forget there are many places to visit right here in this country! Looking at your photos, we feel like we’re traveling too… Stay safe and keep us updated. Just for fun, I edited some shadows in one of the photos so we could see the effect better 🙂 amazing drawing! We have a Zoom Artist Talk this Thursday at 7PM @ The Infinity, so we’ll be at your building. Happy travel, Kazu & Max


    1. Kazu – thanks for your comment. If you are open to it, I’d love to get a copy of your edited version of the photo. I will replace the one on the blog and give you photo edit credit. 🙂 See you at the Zoom!

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