Sweet Home Alabama Hills

How did we live in California this long and not see the Alabama Hills and Mt Whitney until now? The Alabama Hills are at 4500′ elevation. Driving down Movie Road, Mt. Whitney appears with granite spires reaching another 10,000 feet higher than the Alabama Hills.


Movie Road or Movie Flats is named for the area frequent use in tv shows and movies such as Django Unchained, Lone Ranger, Bonanza and Star Trek Generations.


Arriving on Thanksgiving Day, friends and fellow Sportsmobile owners, Chris and Chris, scouted a great campsite for us and prepared a fantastic feast.

Thanks to Chris and the Alabama Hills Cafe, we topped off the great meal with Three Berry Pie. Be sure to visit the cafe, the walls are painted with picture of the Alabama Hills rock formations and their names.

Lots of folks watch football on the day after Thanksgiving. We lucked out getting to watch a few folks climb rocks and walk on slack lines.

We pulled the chairs over and waited for the action.


Eighty feet above the ground on a slack line. Yowsa.

Sunrise and coffee. Life is good.

Time to hit the road for Death Valley. Alabama Hills – we will be back.

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  1. What an amazing looking place, love rocks and they look like I want to touch them. Isn’t great to discover great places in our back yards, so to speak. (Melva)

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