Hello Wallace & Gromit

New adventures begin with the arrival of new toys. Meet Wallace, a Ford F150 Tremor, and Gromit, an Airstream Caravel 20.

As the third-generation in Duncan’s family to own an Airstream, traveling via an Airstream is in Duncan’s DNA. Duncan’s grandparent’s Airstream made it as far south as Guatemala and as far north as Alaska.

Waiting six months for the truck and trailer arrival and one month for installation of lithium batteries and solar made for a highly awaited delivery day.

Just 30 minutes from the Airstream dealer, we landed at Delta Marina campground for our first night of camping in three years. The campground is a beautiful spot along the Sacramento River. The restaurant, marina, river and chandlery make for a sweet combination of camping, boating and waterfront dining.

A key requirement for the new rig focused on leaving the campsite setup while we drive offroad, provision, dine at restaurants and visit sites. An enclosed shower and toilet ranked high on the requirement list.

The Ford F150 Tremor is set up to adventure offroad. The Tremor package includes an upgraded suspension, 33-inch all-terrain tires, a rear locking diff, and a four-wheel-drive transfer case. 

Months of planning and shopping culminated with loading the trailer and truck. By the end of day one, the trailer transitioned from empty to a cozy tiny home.

The trailer interior is a step up in space from Miles, our former Sportsmobile campervan. Microwave, convection oven, shower, and three burner stove are just a few of the amenities making Gromit feel more like a home than the van.

The ten day “shakedown cruise” leaves us prepared for hitting the road.

The next chapter begins….see you this spring in Death Valley, California deserts and beaches.

8 thoughts on “Hello Wallace & Gromit

  1. Wallace, Gromit, Robin & Duncan look great together. Love the photos and the gorgeous sunset. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Have fun exploring!

  2. Awesome! You guys never lack for adventure or new rigs to make it happen. Looking forward to your logs. Fair winds; following seas. Let us know when you reach the Lizard.

  3. Hello you two amazing humans, love the new gear for adventures, and very much love the names, two of our most favourite entertainers. Love the quirky caravan. The truck sounds like a beast that will take you anywhere. Have great adventures, we know you will and I will look forward to seeing where you go. Hopefully we will get this boats shaft bearings fixed and be off on adventures ourselves. Melva

    1. Melva!! Great to hear from you. Look forward to seeing new photos of the boat. Hope all is well in Tutukaka post-tsunami. Hugs to you, Hilton, and Ratty.

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