Setting off for over three months to visit California deserts and beaches, Paso Robles made a great stop on the way south from the Bay Area. Of course, Wallace and Gromit needed a visit to the spa in preparation for the long journey ahead.

Paso Robles

While in Paso, visits to vineyards, museums, hot tubs and restaurants helped with the transition from city life to life in the ‘stream.

Over the valley and around the mountains reminded us that February and mountains means snow. Thankfully, the roads were clear all the way into the Eastern Sierra.

It’s a bird, it’s planes, it’s a Stratolaunch test from the Mojave spaceport.

Red Rock State Park

At first glance, desert colors seem two dimensional – green and brown. Spending more time in the desert reveals many colors and varying colors depending on the time of day.

Mojave Desert

Eastern Sierra & Death Valley

Whether in the Alabama Hills, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Mojave or JoshuaTree, opportunities to explore offroad are endless – well, except for the exponentially increasing price of fuel.

Remanents of California’s gold rush linger in abandoned towns and mines.

Flash floods, heat, geologic events, wind and humans make for tons of interesting rock, sand and tributes in the desert.

Next up are Palm Springs and Anza Borrego for more deserts and offroading.

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